Group Programs

iStock_000015408152SmallWhy consider group therapy? Simply, because it works.

Group therapy works because it fosters connections between people facing similar life issues. Often we tend to dwell on the problems facing us and conclude that we are alone, but it’s amazing what you can learn by sitting down and comparing notes with others. To talk – to really talk with someone else and to see how they emotionally respond to adolescence, to motherhood, to whatever ails them – can be a powerful means of looking honestly at ourselves.

My current groups include:

  • Teen Group (ongoing)
  • Young Adult Group (ongoing)
  • Moms of Teens Group (ongoing)
  • Children’s OCD Group
  • Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania (Skin Picking Disorder) Group (now forming)
  • Social Anxiety Group (now forming)
  • Parents of Children with OCD and PANDAS