Living with OCD and Anxiety: A Group for Teens

We’re starting a new group for Teens with OCD and Anxiety in August 2017 in Calabasas.The first group session is free, allowing you to get to know Melissa and her approach. Afterwards, the price is $75 per two-hour group session.

Life and school are challenging enough, but when you add OCD or anxiety to the plate it can be overwhelming. Friends and family try to be supportive, but no one can understand the challenges as well as someone who is dealing with the same kind of thing.

Topics include:

  • How can I be sure it’s OCD, anxiety or panic?
  • Is my OCD different or more complicated than most?
  • Managing compulsions, anxiety, and panic attacks at school
  • Dealing with parents and family members
  • Sharing your struggles with friends . . . or not
  • Learn and share strategies for managing OCD, tics and related disorders
  • What CBT tools are best for you?
  • Why exposures can help and how to do them
  • Am I the only one who . . . ?

You can talk about anything you want. Most kids with OCD and anxiety find it an incredible relief to meet others with the same experiences.

Contact Melissa for more information or an initial chat.

Living with Your Child’s OCD: A Group for Parents

We’re starting a new group for parents in August 2017 at our offices in Calabasas.The first group session is free, allowing you to get to know Melissa and her approach. Afterwards, the price is $75 per two-hour group session.

Parental support accounts for roughly fifty percent of the success of the treatment of children and teens with OCD. But our own anxiety and confusion can get in the way of helping our kids. Working with OCD is often counter-intuitive and can be emotionally challenging, frustrating and exhausting.

This group will allow you to meet with other parents with the guidance of Melissa Mose MFT, an experienced OCD therapist who is also the parent of a child with OCD.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Understanding OCD: the types, the course and the strategies
  • Common parenting traps and how to stop falling into them
  • The stressors and emotional strain of living with OCD: taking care of yourself and dealing with your own anxiety
  • Parenting skills specific to OCD treatment
  • Increasing competency behaviors in your child and reducing avoidance and symptomatic behaviors
  • Setting realistic goals and effective limits
  • Managing meltdowns, escalations and OCD moments: constructive approaches to anger and frustration
  • How to deal with siblings

We will also discuss issues as they arise within the group, or as requested by you.

Contact Melissa for information on dates and times.

What I Learned, As A Therapist And A Mother, About Childhood OCD

parents of children with OCD

Childhood OCD is a heartbreaking condition that is often misdiagnosed because it can look like anything from ADHD to a myriad of behavioral problems. I know this both as a clinician and as the parent of a child who experienced the debilitating symptoms of OCD as a result of a strep infection.

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep (PANDAS), or the more generalized version, Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS), occurs when the antibodies produced by a strong immune system response to something like Strep or Lyme disease cross the blood brain barrier and trigger tics and/or a host of other OCD symptoms.

Most parents with a child suffering from PANDAS can tell you the exact day that came on. For me, it was December 26th. My daughter was eating a Christmas cookie that she had made with her father, and she found a tiny piece of plastic wrap on the cookie. She launched into a million questions – and I might not be exaggerating. “What if I swallowed plastic wrap mommy?” “How do you know I didn’t swallow plastic wrap?” “Would I suffocate if I swallowed plastic wrap?” “Would I be dead by now if I did swallow plastic wrap?” Read More